Sentinel Security Systems

Police Response

Have police notified as soon as there is a threat.

Have police notified in emergency cases.

As a part of Sentinel Security Systems’ monitored burglar alarm system, a police response notifier can also be installed. Sentinel’s 24/7 alarm receiving centre is a dedicated team who will review your security if an alarm is tripped and notify the authorities if needed.

Sentinel’s team analyse the situation which removes the problems of false alarms, as these can prove costly and are always possible when you use an automated system.

breaking and entering

Sentinel’s Police Response System

The police response system can be linked to an RVR CCTV system which is in line with the requirements of BS8418. Or as a standalone alarm where we are trained to understand if the alarm is a threat or not.

Benefits of a Police Response System

  1. Receive technical support from an external site.
  2. Have police notified ASAP.
  3. Customisable with other Sentinel devices.