Sentinel Security Systems

PC-based Access Controls

Grant access through your computer.

Choose who enters your premises through your computer.

Your company security system can be linked to PCs, at reception for example, where someone seeking entrance to a premises can buzz the PC hub location to which they can decide whether to let the person in or not. This combined with a CCTV camera or intercom system can help identify the requester before granting access.

Operating company building access controls from a PC

Sentinel’s PC Access Control

This system of access security is operator friendly and can be easily incorporate into a business’ system. Our extensive product range can be adapted to a multitude of applications, securing gates and barriers, operating turnstiles and locking doors. Our systems are designed to be foolproof and user-friendly, ensuring that those who are entitled to have access to your building are not impeded, but those that shouldn’t be there are kept out.

Benefits of Sentinel’s PC Access Control

  1. User-friendly.
  2. Quick method of verification.
  3. Can be easily incorporated in existing systems.