Sentinel Security Systems

Police Response Alarms Systems

Equipment your company building with a police response system, triggered automatically when under threat.

Trigger the appropriate response to an intruder on your premises.

Our burglar alarms all feature ‘intelligence signalling’, meaning that the precise details of any alarm activation is relayed to our alarm receiving centre. Our trained operators are on hand 24 hours a day to immediately respond to incoming signals. Once an alarm signal is received the system is queried to determine that the alarm is genuine and the appropriate response is taken.


Sentinel’s Commercial Police Response Systems

We filter alarm activations to determine whether they are genuine or false, in line with current policies operated by police forces in the UK. By carrying out sequential screening of alarm activations we ensure that everything is done to spot genuine intrusions before initiating a police response. This follows the guidelines set out by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) brought in to reduce the wasted expenditure of police responding to false alarms. It also removes the security threat presented by isolated premises where the alarm wouldn’t be heard by passers-by. This is part of our commitment to our customers, striving to give you every confidence in our ability to protect your business.

Benefits of Sentinel’s Police Response System

  1. Filtering prevents false alarms.
  2. Have police contacted immediately if something is wrong.
  3. Extra time saved from immediate action.