Sentinel Security Systems

Standalone Access Controls

Simple control over who has access to your premises and who does not.

Give access to those who need it, and prevent access from those who do not.

Entering and leaving a building, whether a hospital, hotel, large store, school, airport or office block, was once something staff and visitors alike did without a second thought.

It was access based on good faith and trust. Sadly, that increasingly no longer seems to be the case. For larger organisations not just entrances and exits, but within the building itself lack of access security can pose problems. Sentinel is a security alarm and detection equipment supplier and specialist, step up you company security and contact Sentinel today.


Sentinel’s Standalone Access Control

Sentinel Security Systems’ solution is the installation of an effective, and simple to use access control system.

To ensure that the access system it tailored to your needs, we can offer a wide range of standalone technologies such as card and proximity tokens to allow authorised persons access without interrupting day-to-day business operations.

Benefits of Sentinel’s Standalone Access Control

  1. User-friendly.
  2. Can be integrated with other security systems.
  3. Tailor specific access to individual tokens and cards.