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Home Security Cameras

Keep a watchful eye over your property.
Our Sentinel Security Cameras will act as an extra pair of eyes for the things you value.

Home Security Cameras

CCTV has become the most powerful weapon in preventing crime, possibly the most effective means of deterring criminals. Where once CCTV was blighted by poor public opinion and grainy, black and white images, it is now a familiar sight and so widely accepted for security on private property that most law abiding people don’t even notice it.

The advantages of home security cameras installation are clear: It is a strong deterrent to anyone thinking of committing a crime. No criminal wants their picture being taken and (used correctly) can result in a 90% reduction in criminal activity.


Sentinel’s Home Security Cameras Installation

  • Remote Monitoring

  • RVR CCTV system

  • Standalone CCTV

Benefits of Home Security Cameras

  1. Reduce crime up to 90%
  2. Footage recorded is admissible in court.
  3. Range of variety to suit your needs.