Sentinel Security Systems

Commercial Alarm System

Keep your business protected from intruders.

Commercial Alarm Systems

Sentinel Security Systems provide reliable Business Alarm Systems to keep your property and assets secure from theft. Our systems can be customised to meet your needs, and are tailored to not interfere with day-to-day working operations. Sentinel Security Systems are a UK certified fire safety company, if you’re looking for commercial alarm systems, get in touch for a quote.

Inside office room

Sentinel’s Home Alarm Systems

Just the sight of a burglar alarm system have been proven to deter potential crimes from occurring. Also, Sentinel devices can be paired with other security measures such as lighting or police notification.

Benefits of Sentinel’s Intruder Alarm Installation

  1. Keep your assets and employees safe.
  2. Customisable for your business.
  3. No interference with day-to-day business.