Sentinel Security Systems

Stand-alone CCTV

Record footage only when something is detected.

Have footage recorded when something happens on your premises.

CCTV is possibly the most effective means of deterring crime, principally as it provide invaluable evidence to use against anyone caught committing an offence. But CCTV isn’t restricted to security, it can be invaluable to use CCTV to monitor locations from a distance, typically for efficiency, such as one supervisor watching staff or processes in several different places from a central office.

Alternatively it can be useful to monitor processes taking place where it would be dangerous or impractical for a human to be, such as in industrial processes.


Sentinel’s Standalone CCTV System

Aside from 24 hour a day security surveillance, your CCTV system can be used to monitor health and safety procedures, staff productivity and attendance across a huge site from a single location. One of the benefits of modern technology is that with digital cameras your system can be monitored from anywhere in the world over a secure connection. When it comes to recording your footage, those huge banks of VCRs and shelves of tapes are ancient history. Digital footage is recorded digitally, and active triggers means that footage is only stored when the camera is actually ‘seeing’ something happen.

Benefits of Sentinel’s Standalone Access Control

  1. Save footage space.
  2. Easy to filter.
  3. Effective deterrent.