Sentinel Security Systems

Fire Location Systems

Be aware of any potential blazes, as soon as they occur.

Know the location of a fire as soon as it happens.

To stand out from our competitors, we install processor enhanced detectors as standard. Each detector has its own onboard microprocessor to ensure the optimum detector sensitivity is maintained without giving rise to false alarms.

Addressable systems not only indicate the general area of a fault or fire but also give pin point location at the control panel such as “Office room 6 1st Floor FIRE”. This vastly reduces search times in the event of a fault or fire situation. Pre alarm warnings can also be indicated giving time to investigate before a full alarm is reached.

Meeting room in office

Sentinel’s Fire Location Systems

Our Fire Alarm systems are installed to the latest British Standards using only quality equipment you can rely on. We provide maintenance, upgrades or repairs to any make of system and our engineers are available 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

We view fire as a serious risk to businesses. Being a victim of a fire can not only threaten lives but countless amounts in business assets. Therefore, we work to ensure you get the right fire protection to suit your business’ needs.

Benefits of Sentinel’s Fire Location System

  1. Pin-point fire location detection.
  2. Enhanced alarms are standard.
  3. Pre-alarm warnings give time for investigation.