Sentinel Security Systems

Monitored CCTV

24/7 surveillance monitored by an expert team.

Keep a pair of eyes throughout your business.

RVR CCTV systems are essentially integrated systems, involving a combination of both cameras and alarm detection devices (PIR sensors for instance). These are installed at strategic points around the exterior of your premises, to provide a secure perimeter through which unwanted visitors cannot pass without triggering an alert.

When the system is alerted to someone approaching your site it immediately connects to our Remote Video Receiving Centre, where our trained operators view the live video footage to assess the situation. This connection is made almost instantly and the operator can quickly examine the video feed to determine the most suitable actions to be taken.

Monitoring CCTV feed

Sentinel’s Monitored CCTV Systems

A monitored CCTV system is most definitely more cost effective than a patrolling security guard. A security guard employed to patrol your site for 12 hours every day, 365 days a year will need to be paid for. Another salary for your business can be tens of thousands of pounds a year that you could better spend elsewhere. With one of Faith Alarms’ RVR CCTV systems installed and monitored, you can have 24 hour a day protection for your business starting at as little as £150 per month.

Benefits of Sentinel’s Monitored CCTV System

  1. Constant security for multiple areas.
  2. Save costs on security guards.
  3. Evaluate alarms as soon as they happen.