Prevent unwanted visitors from snooping around your home.

Burglar alarms and Sounder Systems are known as one of the most effective deterrent of domestic burglary. Just the sight of a sounder system have been proven to deter potential burglars and having a Sentinel Security Systems alarm blaring is enough to shock any thief.

home sound alarm

Sentinel’s Audible Sounder System

Systems can be customised to include Police signalling and monitoring, or if you prefer, the audible sounders only system.

If you need a Police response signalling system it will be installed to comply with the latest British Standards (PD6662 & DD243) and incorporate the latest detection technologies.

Benefits of Audible Sounder System

  1. Agreed to be one of the most effective deterrents.
  2. Can operate inside or outside.
  3. Can be connected with other Sentinel systems for maximum protection.