Sentinel Security Systems

Emergency lighting

Locate the safest route in a blaze.

Keep those on your premises safe in the case of a fire emergency.

When the mains fails how do you cope? Emergency lighting will help you and others to find their way safely to an exit or a safe place to wait until the power is restored. Emergency lighting is linked to your fire alarm system to activate if a fire takes place. Lighting is bright enough to shine through thick smoke and guide those in need to the nearest exit or safe location.

Fire exit in office building, marked with emergency lighting

Sentinel’s Emergency Lighting

Sentinel’s emergency lighting are all in line with the UK safety standards, so you can rest assured that you and your business assets remain protected in case of a fire emergency.

Benefits of Sentinel’s Emergency Lighting

  1. Keep employees and citizens safe.
  2. Linked to reserve power to remain on in power outage.
  3. Linked to fire alarm system to shine through smoke.