Sentinel Security Systems

Domestic Security

Keep your home safe with our top of the range security systems.
Home security systems designed to keep you secure and protected; always.

Home alarm systems

Protecting your home from intruders can easily be achieved by an effective alarm system. It’s not just the financial loss a break-in causes, but also the emotional impact it can have. We offer a range of alarms from simple sounders to police notifiers. Sentinel Security Systems can provide installation of a variety of domestic security systems fit any household.


Access Controls

Choose who has access to and movement around your premises from a centralised location. All Access data is stored centrally so there is no threat of unauthorised access should a card or token be lost.

Home security cameras

Want to keep an eye on your property even if you are not there? Or perhaps monitor your grounds from a distance? With a range of CCTV, both stand alone and remote monitoring, you can do just that.

Fire detection systems

Enhanced fire alarms, addressable notification systems and emergency lighting are all available to give homeowners the peace of mind to sleep safe and soundly.