Sentinel Security Systems

Commercial Access controls

Control and monitor who has access to specific areas of your business.

Commercial Access Controls

Sentinel Security Systems offer a huge range of commercial access controls for businesses. From simple intercom systems, biometric scanners, PC controlled, to standalone access with tokens and key-cards. We will make sure you can appropriately moderate the security of specific areas within your buildings and sites. We operate over the three counties so if you’re looking for commercial access control in Worcester, Gloucester or Hereford, we’re here to help. 


Sentinel’s Commercial Access Controls

  1. Biometric Systems
  2. Door Intercom System
  3. PC-based access control
  4. Stand-alone access control

Benefits of Commercial Access Controls

  1. Choose who has access to specific areas.
  2. Prevent access to unauthorised parties.
  3. Utilised the latest protection technology.