Burglar Alarm Installations

Whatever it is that you need to protect, from your home shop or office, right up to a large industrial complex or university campus; once you have the locks for the front door sorted out the first step is installing a proper intruder alarm system. We offer a wide range of burglar alarm options all built around proven components and each installation is tailored to meet the individual requirements of you, the customer. Before anything else, we come to your premises and conduct a thorough security risk assessment.

This is designed to establish exactly the needs of your business and what risks and challenges we will need to address in designing your burglar alarms.
These assessments are entirely free of charge and with no obligation to purchase. Once we have completed our assessment, we will supply you with a written list of our expert recommendations.

Each and every burglar alarm system we design and install fully complies with all current and pending British and European Standards. Giving you the peace of mind you need, knowing that you are eligible for immediate response from the police in the event of a burglary.

We approach client service by embracing our responsibilities in every aspect of our work. This clear vision of our duties means that our customers all know that they can trust us. Every burglar alarm system with the name “Sentinel Security Systems” on it has been designed from scratch to the individual needs of the customer, installed with care and attention by a trained and certified expert, monitored by trained professionals and subject to regular inspection, service, and maintenance.