Remote Video Response (RVR)

Remote Video Response CCTV – BS8418 CCTV

While it is always an effective deterrent, CCTV is only truly effective in preventing crime when it is being monitored. RVR (Remote Video Response) CCTV is a system that is connected to our Alarm Receiving Centre via secure link. Whenever the system is activated, our trained operators can immediately respond, checking all of the on-site cameras within the CCTV system to establish if a crime is taking place, and notifying the police. This removes the problems of false alarms, which can prove costly and are always possible when you use an automated system.

As well as being able to make intelligent judgments about what action should be taken, our operators can use a tannoy at the site to speak to the intruder(s), making them aware that they are being watched and recorded, or guiding police to the intruders. As part of our commitment to meeting the highest standards of the security industry, our RVR CCTV systems are all installed to fully meet with the requirements of BS8418. Because of this, our installations qualify for police response when it is required. Cheaper, less scrupulous installation companies don’t follow this same level of detail and you may find that you are left with a CCTV that you can’t rely on.

Because we always install RVR CCTV systems to BS8418 we can offer a real alternative to manned security; traditionally the choice that many businesses went for to ensure proactive security. CCTV technology, employed by an expert means that there is a far more cost effective option.