CCTV Security

CCTV – Security

Security really is what made CCTV such a valuable asset in the commercial world. Just the sight of cameras will make any potential troublemaker think twice. Burglar, vandals and other criminals will generally try a weaker target than risk getting caught on camera.

Of course, to get the full effect, your CCTV system must be properly installed and managed. For businesses that have suffered at the hands of opportunistic crime a newly installed CCTV system can result in a drop of up to 90% in incidents.

As well as external threats, internal issues are an ever-present problem for many businesses. CCTV is often the most effective means of combating this. Both through overt cameras to act as deterrents and covert cameras to get the evidence you need to secure a conviction.

Here at Sentinel Security Systems we have in house experts who can design and install the perfect security system for you. It isn’t just a question of slapping up a few cameras, it requires getting the right cameras for the setting, installed in the right place and connected to the system by the most appropriate means. While the quality of modern CCTV equipment far exceeds that of previous generations, the sheer variety and technical nature of the equipment means that getting the best CCTV system will require our bespoke design service.

We us cutting edge CCTV components, sourced from the world’s leading electronics manufacturers. Because we are experts in field, you can benefit from our knowledge and be safe in the knowledge that we are selecting the perfect equipment for your needs.