10 Top Tips for Protecting your Home

*         Do not leave your keys or important documents near doors, windows or letterboxes.

*          Ensure your doors and windows have good quality locks – and use them.

*          Close and lock all doors and windows even if you are popping out, for a few minutes.

*          Always keep sheds, garages and out buildings locked and secure.

*          Cancel deliveries such as milk, when you are away from home.

*          Use timers to ensure some lights come on when it is dark before you return home.

*          Do not label your house keys in case they fall into the wrong hands.

*          Install a Visible Intruder Alarm and set it when you leave the property.

*          Be mindful when leaving messages on answerphones do not specify  your return date.

*          Shred any documents that contain personal information before putting in your bin.

Home Security Tips for the Elderly

The elderly are often more prone to burglary as they can been seen as more vulnerable.  It is important that the elderly are aware of safety and security measures that can give them extra protection. Here are a few tips to help us all stay safe in our homes and protect us from burglary.

How to Choose the Right Company

As a business owner, you should make sure your business assets are secure.  Whether it’s Data, inventory or computer systems, there are so many valuable things to protect that you should not assume your business is immune to extremely rare theft on your premises.

Here are a few questions to ask before deciding on an alarm system that suits you:

1- Are they a registered company and approved by a governing body?

For example are the company governed by:


2-Where do they connect the alarm system?

When purchasing a system, it is vital you ask how they decide to connect it an experienced criminal will cut your phone and internet lines      when first attempting a robbery you need to make sure this doesn’t cut your access to the security monitors.

3-Which Entrance does/will the system monitor?

The system should monitor all the entrances to the premises.

4-Determine what kind of alarm you need

There are two types of alarms wired or wireless either type has its pros and cons so it is important to evaluate these questions:

What is my Budget?

What do I want to protect?

What features do I need?

What is my lifestyle like?

Decide if you want a company to monitor your system or if you want to do it yourself, this makes a difference in cost for yearly charges.